Internet Service

All of the building are wired to have internet service.

Some of the available services are NTT Fiber Optics, AU/KDDI Broadband, Cable internet/TV service.

You can of course contract with these companies directly, and a good place to sign up for them would be at Yodobashi Camera (Umeda) or Bic Camera (Nanba).

ABHousing Osaka also works with the cable company, Bay Communications.

We are able to set up cable internet service and cable TV service in the areas that Bay Communications services. (Minato-Ku, Osaka City)

It usually takes about 1~2 weeks to set up internet service with Bay Communications. If you have reserved an apartment, then we can have internet service set up by the time you move in.

The cable internet signal runs through the TV cable outlet and it’s system. The Speed package is 120mbps, but in reality most often you will only get around 50mbps speeds with the package.

Current prices are: 5522yen/month for unlimited internet use, 2200yen contract fee, first calendar month of service free.  Installation fee is 11880yen, but gets cheaper the longer you use. After 12months of use it’s free (each month the installation fee is reduced by 990yen). This fee is paid for when the service is cancelled.

Payment can be by credit card or Japanese bank account (Japanese postal account). If you need some time to set up a bank account that is fine.

The standard modem is a LAN cable type, and you can upgrade this modem to a wifi/LAN for an additional one time fee of 550yen.

The cable company also offers a LTE internet system now which works off their cell tower system. All that needs to be done is to simply plug the provided router in for power and the internet will connect. It is both wifi and is also provided with a LAN cable if this is preferred. It’s unlimited use. Speeds are advertised as up to 100mbps, but from experience it usually runs between 10~20mbps. The monthly fee is 3036yen, with a contract fee of 2200yen. The installation fee is 7200yen, but gets cheaper the longer you use. After 12 months of use it’s free, every month of use it thus becomes 600yen cheaper. The installation fee is paid when the contract is cancelled.The first calendar month of service being free. Payment can only be by credit card.

The contract has to be made on the day the service is provided.

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