Internet Service

All of the building are wired to have internet service.

Some of the available services are NTT Fiber Optics, AU/KDDI Broadband, Cable internet/TV service.

You can of course contract with these companies directly, and a good place to sign up for them would be at Yodobashi Camera (Umeda) or Bic Camera (Nanba).

Most of the buildings ABHousing Osaka works with already have internet service set up, and most are free of service or already included in the rental fee.

Takechi Shooji Building (included)

Takechi Sangyo Building (1500yen/month)

Dai Ni Takechi Building (not available)

Chikko Takechi Mansion (not available)

Puerto Ichibankan (included)

Puerto Nibankan (included)

Port Villa Chikko (included)

Townhouse Osaka Nishi (included)

Belle Demuere (included)

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