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NO KEY MONEY, ONLY 3 MONTH minimum CONTRACTS (renews on a monthly term after 3months automatically)!!!

4th floor 2DK  apartment in 6 story building, 45 square meter.
Fully furnished 90000yen/month (Refrigerator, washing machine, curtains, lights, AC / Heaters, gas cooking range, china cabinet,  all flatware/cups/glasses/plates/pots/pans…, dining table w/ 4chairs, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, hot water pot, trashcans, sofa, coffee table, TV,  DVD, TV table, book shelf, laundry poles, shoe rack, vacuum cleaner, iron w/ ironing board, closet storage boxes, fans, double bed frame/mattress, and more …

6mat tatami bedroom, 6 tatami mat in size flooring dining/kitchen, 6 tatami mat in size flooring Living room.

6minute walk to Bentencho subway and JR Loopline station.
8min JR Loopline trainride to Umeda area.
15minute bikeride from building to Shinsaibashi/Namba areas.

Only a 1 month refundable deposit, No Key money, No guarantors needed.
3 month minimum contract lengths.
Utilities are additional (gas/electricity/water/500yen per month insurance)

Close to all amenities: supermarkets, video shops, sports clubs, ward office, 100yen shop.
Only a 6 minute walk to Bentencho subway station and JR loopline. A 8 minute JR loopline trainride to Umeda area. 15minute bikeride to Namba/Shinsaibashi areas.
1K starting now at 50000/month. 2DKs starting at 75000/month and 80000/month.
Building cable TV/internet ready, AU/KDDI broadband, NTT Fiber Optics ready.
1 month refundable deposit, No Sales fees, No Guarantor needed.
3 month minimum contract

JR Loopline and Chuo Subway iine 6minute walk from building.
City bus 3minute walk from building
Ride your bicycle to Namba/Shinsaibashi areas in just 15minutes
3month minimum stay required
1month deposit required (refundable)
no lock changing fees
no cleaning fees (must clean apartment before moving out though)
utilities additional (gas / electricity / water / 500yen per month insurance)
No Agency fees
No Key money
No guarantors nor guarantor companies required
Optional : futon bedding w/ sheets, pillow, 10000yen/set
Washing Machine
Light Fixtures
Coffee Table
Dining Table
China Cabinet
Rice Cooker
All Pots/Pans/Dishes
Vacuum Cleaner
Trash Cans
Shoe Rack
Laundry Poles
Hair Dryer
Iron w/ Ironing Board
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ID :
sho 404
Units available :
Type :
Fully furnished
Size :
Flooring :
Both (flooring and tatami)
Location :
bentencho 1
Station :
Bentencho Subway (6minute walk from building), JR Loopline Bentencho station (6minute walk from building)
Contract :
3month minumum stay required (renews monthly after the 3month term)
Available :
Rent :
No key money
No Guarantors or guarantors company
No agency fees
No lock changing fees
No long term contracts
Rent from abroad
Reserve it one month before moving in with Paypal
Rent from Japan
Visit the apartment that you are interested in and you can contract for it